Car Seat Safety Road Coat®Down Jacket - Platinum

Size Guide


The Road Coat® Down is our warmest coat. It's engineered and designed to be worn in a car seat and provides comfort and versatility while keeping your child safer and warmer on and off the road. The only winter coat you need! 

Crash tested & Patent pending!

Model wears size 5

  • Temperature rating -25 Fahrenheit. / - 30 Celsius
  • High density, wind and water resistant Polyester Shell Fabric 
  • 80% Down 20% Feathers filler
  • Machine washable
  • Heavy duty oversize zippers make it easy to open or close
  • Fleece lined pocket bags keeps little hands warm and toasty
  • Zipper garage at inner and outer front layer zipper closure protects little chins
  • Coat can be easily folded into accompanying pouch to fit in back pack, locker or tote
  • Thin inner and puffy outer front layer closure provides easy access to the car seat harness while eliminating puffy layers between the seat and child’s body
  • Split collar construction with soft hook & loop closure allows harness strap to pass to front and to lay flat on shoulders
  • Non slip surface at thin inner front layer prevents harness strap & chest buckle from slipping
  • Red alignment marker at inner front layer identifies correct chest clip position
  • Imported

Step 1

Zip up inner layer, then position shoulder strap into split collar and non slip surface.

Step 2

Buckle child into car seat following car seat manufacturer's instructions. Secure 5 point harness tightly.

Step 3

Adjust chest clip height at armpit level above the red alignment marker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 456 reviews

I love it, finally I can drive without fear for the safety of my daughtert. Easy to use, quality, comfortable and warm for my daughter (we live in Montreal, Canada). I bought a road coat Down for my 4 years old. She is 41inch tall for 36lbs, i taked a size 5 and fit perfectly with a little space to grow. Fast shipping despite the distance.


This best jacket! So easy to use. I can throw it in the diaper bag when not in use. I didn't have to loosen my sons car seat straps at all. Living in Canada 🇨🇦 it gets really cold. But he’s never cold in this jacket.

So happy with these coats

I was so happy when I discovered these coats. I used to be so upset that my grandchildren were always too cold with the coats they could wear in the car seats and then I found these. Not only are they adorable and good quality, this was a brilliant idea. This is the second year I have gotten them for my grandchildren and I plan to continue to get them. This one with the dinosaurs looks so cute on my 2-year-old grandson!! No more worrying about them being too cold.

Amazing coat

Living in northern Ontario this coat has been a life saver! It is so practical with the cold temperatures and you don’t have to woery about removing the coat before your child gets into the car seat! It’s truly amazing! I recommend it to everyone!

Beautiful and functional coat

This is my 3rd coat from Onekid. They are just gorgeous, well fitting coats. I bought this one because my 3 year old grand daughter is in love with flowers. She was thrilled when she got it. So I'm happy with the fit and functionality, and she's please with the color. Win win. We live in Alberta where we will get -40c with wind chills. So far, this coat has been fine. I've bought it large enough to throw a warm sweater underneath, but I've never heard her complain of being cold. I did end up with a bit of an issue with the delivery of the coat, but as soon as I emailed, the problem was quickly solved. Thank you for that! If you're contemplating buying the coat because it's a bit more $ than the other you looked at, go for this one, you won't regret it, and your child will be safe. This is high quality, safe and warm.

Size Chart

When choosing size you need to look at the height of the child and match it to the chart below. Our coats fit true to size and should fit your child appropriately and not too big to interfere with safety.

Sizes Height
Snowsuit Sizes
0/3M 22½ - 25 10-14 NA NA NA
3/6M 25 - 27½ 14-18 NA NA NA
6/12M 27½ - 31 18-25 NA NA NA
12/18M 31 - 34  25-29 NA NA NA
18/24M 34 - 36 29 - 33 NA NA NA
Road Coat Coat Sizes
6M 27-30 18-24 17 17 18
12M 30-32 24-27 18 18 19
18M 32-34 27-30 19 19 20
2 34-36 30-33 20 20 21
3 36-39 33-36 21 20½ 22
4 39-42 36-40 22 21 23
5 42-45 42-46 23 21½ 24
6 45-49 48-54 24 22 25
7 49-53 56-60 25 22½ 27
8 53-55 62-66 26½ 23 28

Back Length, Sleeve Length & Body Width are graded 1” ( 2.5cm ) per size

6 month size comes in the Vegan only in Fuchsia, Black & Teal

Sz 7 & 8 in Down comes in Black Unicorn, Mermaid, Rocket Ship, Plum, Platinum, Black, Aqua & Navy/Olive

Sz 7 & 8 in Vegan comes in Black,  Purple, Rocket Ship & Mermaid