Crash Test

Tests performed by the Child Passenger Protection Research Program

The dummy on the left is wearing a t-shirt and the one on the right is wearing the Road Coat. In both tests the head excursion and HIC results came below FMVSS 213 limits!

Puffy Winter Coat Warning

Dangers of wearing puffy winter coats in car seats

Pinch Test

Watch With Care, Canadian CPST, reviewing and performing the pinch test with The Road Coat


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Love our Road Coat!

Invested in one of these this past season and it was great! My little was toasty warm on cold midwest winter days and I knew this was safer than being bundled in a puffy coat. Happily invested in the next size up!

Snug as a bug

I bought this snowsuit in a smaller size for my grandson I who is 9 mos old it was a terrific solution to what to put on a baby in a car seat came just in time for keeping him toasty during that frigid spell we had in the Northeast. I purchased the second in a bigger size to get a jump on next winter cold weather

Amazingly warm and good quality

This is the only jacket brand I have ever bought for my son. They are beyond warm and hold up well to repeated washing. I am never disappointed with my purchases.

Worth the money

I had been looking for a solution to constantly having to take my son’s winter coat off to put him in his car seat, which was a daily occurrence for us. In WI. It’s cold here most of the year. I came across this coat on google and after scanning through reviews, decided to take the plunge. I’m so happy that I did. He and I both love the coat. It keeps him so warm, and now he’s not freezing while I’m fastening him in. He also loves Pete The Cat, so a double win for us both. Highly recommended.

Versatile, safe coat

We love these coats. The bright colors make it easy to keep an eye on the kids. They zip on and off quickly, and they are easy to maneuver around in a car seat to get kids strapped in. We’ve tried other styles of car seat - friendly coats, but these are the best by far!

So cute

This adorable coat is perfect for the car seat. My granddaughter loves the mermaid pattern. It is comfortable and warm and washes up beautifully. This is the third One Kid Coat I have bought my granddaughter and it still looks like new when passed does to her sister.

Exactly what we needed; outer zipper would be better

We’ve been very happy with this coat. It’s warm enough for NYC winters, so we’re able to use it as my son’s everyday coat. It also kept him dry in the pouring rain this weekend, and the hood has elastic around the forehead which kept it in place well.

I like that it’s easy to undo the Velcro to get his car seat straps on him and I’m not worried about his safety while wearing a coat in the car. The Pete the Cat print is also adorable—very popular among the 1-year-old set. ;-)

My only complaint is that sometimes it’s hard to get the outer Velcro on the front of the coat to stay stuck together. I wish there was an outer zipper instead, like some of the warmer coats.

Amazing coat

The coat is so nice and warm ! I really like the lightweight jacket and it’s so warm ! I wish it went up to bigger sizes but the customer service was amazing and he was so patient and accurate with the suggestions . It dire perfectly but I fear that it won’t last her past size 10. I wish 12 was avail for the taller , chubbier kids like mine :) will definitely
Recommence to everyone I want

Our Second Coat!

This is our second road coat purchase and we are again very happy with the product! We got 2 years out of our first coat and we expect the same with this second coat. They are truly wonderful and worth the price!

Love this jacket!

We recently bought our son the One Kid down jacket and we love it! It's great quality. I feel comforted by the fact that my child is safe in the car and warm enough for these cold Canadian winters! I have a feeling I will be buying more of these jackets in the future.

Makes winter much easier

Good quality winter jacket. It is very warm, well made and easy to wash

Must have!!!

We live where it’s commonly minus 30 in the winter and this coat is a staple for us! We are sooooo satisfied. I recommend this to everyone!


Living in Chicago, we deal with harsh winters. My babies have been in one kid coats since they could fit into the 12m coats. We started with the down, but this year when we needed to upsize, we went for the Arctic because we had -30 degree Fahrenheit days! This coat kept my daughter warm and SAFE in the extreme temps. She didn’t have to freeze before or after the car and I knew she was safe in her car seat because of the double zipper. My kids are small so the size 4 will last us a couple seasons for my eldest and then a couple seasons for my youngest. Yes, there’s an expense, but it’s worth it!


This coat is not only warm, but it makes keeping the child safe in their carseat. The advantage of not having to remove then redress them in their coat is wonderful.

Nice Coat

We like the coat so far! It fits nicely in the car seat though is a tad long on my petite girl.


This coat works well for the car seat. the belt fits my granddaughter so nicely, I know she is protected when she is in the car seat.

Erika S.
We love this coat!

This coat has been a total game changer! It's wonderful to have a warm winter jacket that we can use easily get in and out of the car. Living in an apartment, we have a lot of layering to do to get out and then we were just taking it all off to get into the car. Not anymore!

Great jacket

I bought this for my grandson. I’m very pleased with how it works. I do wish it had a hood. The collars get a little bunched up when we are trying to buckle him up because of the way it made, but I still really like the this jacket. It’s not super heavy but should work for our kind of winter. I would highly recommend these coats.

Great quality and safe for cold winters!

Glad I found this coat for how cold our winters get. I know my little one will be safe and warm in his carseat. Will definitely keep buying as he grows!

Best coat

This coat is absolutely amazing. I was skeptical at first, but it’s warm and perfect for the car seat! The kids are totally safe and cozy throughout our Saskatchewan winter

Love the snow gear

Love this jacket keeps my kiddo safe and warm!

Great coat, just need more designs!

I love this coat for my daughter it's safe and fits perfect and she's comfortable and warm in it

Necessity in Chicago

So glad that I found this before all of these snowstorms. It’s too cold to go without a coat and too dangerous to wear one with a car seat. If only it also had built in mittens…

Love the colour and the material. This has made things so much easier, less fights over what coat to wear and bringing coats with us when we go somewhere without worrying about her getting cold, and I know it can be passed down to her younger siblings.

Haven't used this on my baby yet as I purchased it for him for next winter, but I am very impressed with the quality and think it will make things so much easier when he's a year old!