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The Road Coat® Vegan care seat safety coat is vegan & allergy friendly. It's engineered and designed to be worn in a car seat safely, provides comfort and versatility while keeping your child safer and warmer on and off the road. The only winter coat you need! 

Crash tested, CPST approved, Patent pending!

Model wears size 3

  • Car Seat Safe Coat
  • Temperature rating: -10 Fahrenheit / - 25 Celsius
  • High density, wind and water resistant polyester shell fabric 
  • High tech thermal polyester insulation
  • Machine washable 
  • Outer front layer with soft hook & loop Velcro closure
  • Thin inner front layer with over sized heavy duty zipper
  • Zipper garage at inner front layer zipper closure protects little chins
  • Split collar construction with soft hook & loop Velcro closure allows harness strap to pass to front and to lay flat on shoulders
  • Non slip surface at thin inner front layer prevents harness strap & chest buckle from slipping
  • Red alignment marker at inner front layer identifies correct chest clip position
  • Inner collar with store away hood
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Coat can be easily folded into accompanying pouch to fit in back pack, locker or tote
  • Imported

    Step 1

    Zip up inner layer, then position shoulder strap into split collar and non slip surface.

    Step 2

    Buckle child into car seat following car seat manufacturer's instructions. Secure 5 point harness tightly.

    Step 3

    Adjust chest clip height at armpit level above the red alignment marker.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 136 reviews

    We love our vegan road coat. Living in the northeast, winters are COLD! I wanted a way to keep my little guy warm in and out of the carseat without having to take him in and out of his coat. This invention is PERFECT! The straps cinch down nice and snug and my toddler stays nice and warm in the meantime. It kept him warm while playing in the snow. The high collar keeps his neck warm without need of a scarf. We didn't get much use out of the hood because he mainly wears knit hats, but the hood itself felt a bit flimsy so I'm not sure how much warmth/protection it provides. I'm glad it can stay neatly tucked away in the collar.

    My only gripe was that not long after purchase, the very top velcro square began to unravel a bit. I contacted the company and was told that they have improved how they stitch the velcro to avoid that from happening again. The gray does show some dirt/oil buildup, but I tossed it in the washing machine and it came out good as new. We will definitely be buying these coats as long as he's in a car seat.

    Love this coat!

    I love this coat! I love that I don't have to remove it when I put it in his carseat and I love that he stayed nice and warm playing outside.
    In the picture with my son outside he's wearing road coat coat and snow pants.

    A very great coat

    Truely love this coat for my kid! Handy!warm!safe!
    Got their vegan version this time, will get the down for my kid in the future!

    Excellent coat for a stocky child.

    My babies have all been very broad shouldered, long in the arm, and thick in the torso. I find these coats accommodate their sturdy frame :D.
    There was a sale going on when I bought my boys (4T and 6T) their down filled coats, and they have been enjoying them for 2 winters! They are tall, and I'm impressed with how well they have fared as they grew over that last year and a half.
    The car seat features make it a no brainer for car rides, and we loved them so much we had to buy our daughter one too.
    **I've read a review about the hood being thin in the vegan coat, and for me I find it's nice, because for my baby, I like that I can easily put it over her very puffy hat, while also providing an extra wind-breaker. That said, I can see why someone who wants to use it as the hat, or who puts a thinner tuque on their babies/kids, would find it too thin. The down filled coats have a nice, "puffed", hood, so it's weird that the vegan one does not.
    I also find very little difference in the warmth protection between the vegan and the down ON NORMAL WINTER DAYS. Both work wonderfully, but in EXTREME cold (I'm in Ottawa, Canada), I'm sure the down filling makes some difference.
    Overall, I'm quite impressed.


    Fits great in both my seats with no need for adjustment. Graco 4 ever and britax essentials. Looks adorable.
    10/10 would reccommend

    Size Chart
    Sizes Height
    Snowsuit Sizes
    0/3M 22½ - 25 10-14 NA NA NA
    3/6M 25 - 27½ 14-18 NA NA NA
    6/12M 27½ - 31 18-25 NA NA NA
    12/18M 31 - 34  25-29 NA NA NA
    18/24M 34 - 36 29 - 33 NA NA NA
    Coat Sizes
    12M 30-32 24-27 18 18 19
    18M 32-34 27-30 19 19 20
    2 34-36 30-33 20 20 21
    3 36-39 33-36 21 20½ 22
    4 39-42 36-40 22 21 23
    5 42-45 42-46 23 21½ 24
    6 45-49 48-54 24 22 25
    7 49-53 56-60 25 22½ 27
    8 53-55 62-66 26½ 23 28

    Back Length, Sleeve Length & Body Width are graded 1” ( 2.5cm ) per size