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Frequently Asked Questions

THE ROAD COAT® is the invention of husband and wife team, Sabine and Eric. With their combined professional experience of working with some of the world’s largest sportswear brands and as parents, they created the One Kid brand in 1999 and the revolutionary ROAD COAT. Since its initial launch in July 2016, Sabine and Eric have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of safe childrens' travel and have created 6 variations of the original ROAD COAT. Read more  about Sabine and Eric here.

Absolutely. THE ROAD COAT has been fully crash tested by an independent crash test lab and reviewed by a renowned national expert in the field of child passenger safety (CPST). In addition, a certified instructor for both the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has provided their full approval of THE ROAD COAT for use with car seats.

To be clear, THE ROAD COAT is compatible with car seat use, it tested similarly to not wearing a coat in the car seat at all !

THE ROAD COAT features a thin front inner layer that eliminates the puffy outer layer from being between the car seat harness and your child. This enable the harness to lay flat and snug against the chest, as recommended by car safety authorities. A unique split collar construction allows the harness straps to pass to the front & lay flat on the shoulders, providing comfort and safer travel for children in car seat or booster seat.

The back of THE ROAD COAT is constructed to be puffy, yet highly compressible. This leaves no excess fabric to create slack in the harness, keeping your child safer.

THE ROAD COAT is engineered so the 5-point harness can pass to the front, which cannot be achieved safely with a regular coat.

The zip up of the outer layer is optional. You can always leave the outer layer unzipped. Your child is still wearing the coat even with the outer layer is unzipped.

Removing the child with the coat on should not be any faster or slower than with any other article of clothing.

Actually, if your child is in an accident you're supposed to remove the car seat with them in it until first responders get there to check them out for injuries. You don't want to make anything worse.

You don't want to remove a child from their harnessed car seat until paramedics arrive In case of internal decapitation if you need to get the child out due to fire unbuckle the car seat and remove car seat with child in it still out of the car

Yes. We have worked closely with several CPST’s and THE ROAD COAT is car seat safe. In addition, a certified instructor for both the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has provided their full approval of THE ROAD COAT for use with car seats.

THE ROAD ARCTIC has a 80% down 20% feather insulation and it is 100% waterproof  & windproof, front zipper closure, detachable hood and a temperature rating of -31 Fahrenheit. / - 35 Celsius.

THE ROAD COAT Down has a 80% down 20% feather insulation, front zipper closure, attached hood and a temperature rating of -25 Fahrenheit. / - 30 Celsius.

THE ROAD COAT Vegan has a 100% polyester synthetic insulation, front Velcro closure, store away hood and a temperature rating of -10 Fahrenheit / - 25 Celsius.

THE ROAD COAT Transition has a soft quilted jersey lining with synthetic insulation, front zipper closure, store away hood and a temperature rating of 30 Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius

When choosing size you need to look at the height of the child and match it to the chart below. Our coats fit true to size and should fit your child appropriately and not too big to interfere with safety.

Take the quiz to find your size.

Sizes Height
Snowsuit Sizes
0/3M 22½ - 25 10-14
3/6M 25 - 27½ 14-18
6/12M 27½ - 31 18-25
12/18M 31 - 34  25-29
18/24M 34 - 36 29 - 33
Road Coat Coat Sizes & Snow Pant
6M 27-30 18-24
12M 30-32 24-27
18M 32-34 27-30
2 34-36 30-33
3 36-39 33-36
4 39-42 36-40
5 42-45 40-48
6 45-49 48-54
7 49-53 54-60
8 53-55 60-66
10 55-57 66-72

Back Length, Sleeve Length & Body Width are graded 1” ( 2.5cm ) per size

6 month size comes in the Vegan only in Black, Royal Blue, Aqua, Fuchsia & Safari


The Road Coat®
    6M 12M 18M 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
Back Body Length A 13 13 1/2 14 1/2 15 1/2 16 1/2 17 1/2 18 1/2 19 1/2 20 1/2 21 1/2 22 1/2
Total Body Width  B 25 26 27 29    30    31    32    33    34    35    36   
Shoulder Width C 10 10 1/2 11 12 12 1/2 13 13 1/2 14    14 1/2 15    15 1/2
Sleeve Length D 10 1/2 11 1/4 12 13 14 15 16 1/4 17    17 3/4 18 1/2 19 1/4


We offer a 30 day domestic FREE return and exchange policy on all unworn items with all tags attached and in original packaging. The 30 days are starting from the time you have received your order.

For our Canadian customers we cannot send return labels. You have to return the coat on your own cost via Canada Post with a traceable tracking number and the exchange will ship FREE of charge.